Tiger Prawns / Tiger Shrimps / இறால்


Order Tiger Prawns

What you will get when you order Tiger Prawns /  Extra Large Prawns / இறால்?

Comes Deshelled and Deveined, Ready to Cook

Gross wgt – Nett wgt

500gms – 250gms(Approx)

1kg – 500gms(Approx)

1.5kg – 750gms(Approx)

2kg – 1kg(Approx)

All prices are inclusive of cleaning, degutting and cutting. All Seafood will be weighed before degutting and cutting.

Time of Delivery:  8:00 A.M – 11:00 A.M 


medium tiger Prawns, white Shrimps
Tiger Prawns / Tiger Shrimps / இறால்