Freez Free is a premium seafood and meat retail brand based out of Chennai that aims at providing extremely fresh products at your door step avoiding preservatives and cold storage. As the name ‘Freez Free’ suggests, we do not freeze our products and hence we maintain our products at the right temperature until delivery. We procure our meat and seafood only by orders which means our team works tirelessly to ensure a premium experience to everyone in the freez free family. We take utmost care by understanding your requirements to ensure 100% satisfaction in-terms of freshness, quality and packaging. We guarantee chemical-free, preservative-free, and FREEZE FREE meat at your doorstep. 

we have a team that is dedicated to perform analysis on the quality and ensure the products are top-notch. We have a dedicated list of quality checks that each and every product undergoes to maintain 100% freshness and quality.

“Our Moto Is to Deliver the Product as Fresh as We Get and No Storage to Assure 100% Freshness”

Our Procurement Flowchart

Orders — Procurement — Quality Checks — Processing (Cleaning/Cutting) — Packing — Delivery


We at FreezFree aim to provide high quality seafood that is super fresh to your doorstep. As our moto says we do not store the meat which means our fishermen provide us with stocks on day basis

How Do We Procure ?

we have crew that includes quality specialists , fishermen and livestock farmers who provide us with stocks based on the orders we receive on a daily basisso your order is never stored or preserved

Quality Measures

Our procurement crew makes sure our products are chemical free and antibiotic/pesticide-free and livestock meat is ensured 100% halal


We pack our products with utmost care to ensure hygiene and safety. Our package materials are easy to use and provide a visual treat before the treat begins

Safety Measures

Our staff are well trained to ensure extreme safety in processing, packaging and delivery  of our products.


As We undertake preorders, our delivery agents make sure your orders reach you the next day at complete freshness.

Product Categories :

Seafood / Chicken / Mutton / Exotic – Seafood / Dairy / Eggs / Spices / Home Essentials