Organic Cold Pressed Groundnut Cooking Oil


Product description

Gramtree pure Groundnut oil is prepared as per the traditional cold wood-press method called Marachekku. Groundnuts are sun-dried and then crushed at slow speed at a temperature not exceeding 30 degree Celsius, this ensured retention of nutrients & vitamins. 100% raw and unrefined. No preservatives or chemicals added. Health benefits of Coldpressed Groundnut oil? Groundnut oil contains many essential fatty acids and is completely free of cholesterol. Groundnut oil is rich in resveratrol and plant sterols which reduces heart attack risks and protects the cells against cancer, nervous system diseases. Go ahead and pick up one that is neither refined, processed, deodorised nor bleached! Not denatured by heat and other harsh processing methods!

Time of Delivery:  8:00 A.M – 11:00 A.M 

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Organic Cold Pressed Groundnut Cooking Oil